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Team 9 presentation (as recorded on uStream)

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Team 9

Team Name: Tecker's !
Ryan (virtual) - United States
Priscilla (virtual participant).
Jay ; (real f2f;)
Tomoka Japan
Hayley (real) - USA
Chucky F . (real) - USA


Project Name: Yelling across the FLAT world ! AHA ! (Amateurs Teaching Adults !)


Dealing with Technology on today's issues we see that most of us are aware of todays fast pacing technology ... but the key problem is that we don't know how to use it !
And even when we do learn to use these technological tools, the use of it within the classroom can be ineffective. So proposing ideas on how to integrate certain tools into education so that it helps enhance the learning, not hinder it.

We here will focus on a concept called PRO-AM ; a community a network for professional amateurs to help others in any aspect .. be it technology , sports, maybe languages (to connect globally) and yeah even cooking !

That's what we're for !

Project Planning


Taking the fear out of the classroom ... Begin Opening up !
Faster , Easier and accessible learning is what is the outcome ..
Feedback - Question-airs - Ask WHAT IS THE PROBLEM ?
What we have to do : just type in the problem and you'll solve it instantly by all the PRO-AM's ... maybe the next door guy sitting on the net solves your problem !
Different perceptives prevail and thus we're more open to global networks !


Everybody Anybody AGE NO BAR !
Learning is a continous process ; it moves on and on ... never ends ...
The Blog is for the elementry school kid who wants to learn cycling or a teenage who needs help with math ... an adult who wants help on Web stuff
or even a grandma who wants to send pictures to her grandchildren
This deals with the simplest tools to the most complicated; because the extent of technology used differs on the situation. If you use too much, it takes your focus off the main idea. Learning to use an appropriate amount of technology.



Learning has always been an ongoing process and so this AHA ! will go on till it's in demand
However we plan to include special tutorials / help checks over examination times , or during festive months or seasons or over high profiled needs and yes whenever a user demands.


WEB 2.0 the current need and the latest technology !
Whatever you want whenever you want, the network supports all type of functions and features available on the internet.


As we have explained before in our day to day life everyone requires help and yes very often we are very shy and often can't understand what the big manuals tell us.
Plus if we're old enough or shy to take someone help's we are helpless, also to be realized is that in this fast moving world nobody has really time to come and help you !
So, as the current demand requires we're here to solve your problems !

The Future

As the it will all a by the, for the and of the project of the PRO-AM's it will serve the best solutions avaliale online .! and also promote their efforts ...
So regular up gradation will be a key point !


McArthur's Theory of Professional Amateurs

the pad :